This video has emerged of a man repeatedly hitting a dog in the face for not reciting the alphabet.

In the shocking footage, believed to have been filmed in India, the vile 'bully' is seen violently striking the dog several times as he loses his temper trying to teach it.

At the beginning of the clip, he slaps to dog as he tells it: "A for apple. B for ball."

He suddenly slaps the confused animal, shouting as it struggles to pay attention.

The dogs is seen baring its teeth in retaliation, but the man continues to shout and point at the notebook.

A voice is heard laughing in the background as he slaps the animal harder.

Its not known why to man is trying to teach the dog the alphabet.

The animal is hit 11 times in the video which has gone viral online.

Elisa Allen, Director at PETA UK director, Elisa Allen, told that the man in the clip is a 'coward' and a 'bully' who abused the dog to 'assert his own pathetic idea of dominance'.

Source: The Sun