A prankster who dressed up as missing Madeleine McCann has apologised for his sick stunt.

25-year-old Daniel Gearie, from Dundee, put on an Everton shirt and paired it with a blonde wig to look like Madeleine did in appeal posters.

Gearie also took a swipe as Kate and Gerry McCann, writing: "And before you say ‘this is sick' I know it is - but I'm not the one who left a child unattended in a Portuguese hotel."

He removed his post after hundreds complaints from users.

Gearie wrote on Twitter: "I put my hands up."

"I took this too far. I shouldn't have done it."

"I am totally embarrassed by it."

A spokesman for the McCanns said: "Kate and Gerry think he's an idiot and at his age should know better."

"What he did was deeply offensive and cruel."

Source: The Sun
Image Credit: Twitter/PA