Phillip Schofield tried to hold back his laughter while talking to a woman 'too attractive to find love'.

44-year-old Dawn Cousins, from London, claims men - including her children's friends - are constantly falling at her feet and she regularly gets mistaken for one of their sisters.

She told Holly and Phil on This Morning that there are 'various reasons' for her dating problems.

Dawn explained: "Number one, I'm obviously an attractive woman, number two I look very young, number three, I'm very fun and I'm not your typical 44-year-old woman with four children."

"I'm finding that younger guys are messaging me wanting to take me out, but they just want me because I'm hot."

"And then older guys don't put any effort into themselves but yet they want me to send them pictures of me looking good - and they want to look at my body - and then they say 'OK, I'll go out with you'."

Dawn said her children are used to her dating problems and they feel she needs to lower her standards.

However, she insists she's not up for compromise when it comes to love.

She added: "I have the advantage of looking good, so I want someone that I'm really attracted to, really connect with emotionally and want to enjoy the second part of my life - so I'm not just going to settle because I'm 44."

Phil mentioned that her previous partner said that she should come with a warning sign.

She explained after being asked why: "Because I don't take rubbish and if I feel unhappy in a relationship, I'm going to say that we need to compromise."

Phil wasn't impressed at all and added that maybe her super-confident persona and 'too good' attitude coule be the reason she's still single - but she denied that was the reason.

You can watch the interview below.

Source: The Sun
Image Credit: ITV