This man was lucky to survive after he was almost cut in half during a freak while repairing a lift.

He was busy installing a lift in a residential tower when it began moving upwards due to an operational error, wedging his body in a narrow gap.

The worker was suspended upside down from the narrow lift doors, blood pouring from him as he legs and torso were trapped between the car and the lift shaft.

He lost lost consciousness while he was being treated, according to paramedics at the scene.

It likely happened as he hanging upside down for so long,  but also because his lower body was crushed in the lift.

He was holding a drip as he was finally pulled free by firefighters who used hydraulic tools to expand the metal and create a gap to get him out.

The injured man was put on a stretcher and taken to hospital in Chongqing, China.

Reports said he was receiving treatment at hospital and is expected to survive.

Source: Mirror Online
Image Credit: AsiaWire