Olly Murs was filmed hurling drunken abuse at football fans during a match.

The 33-year-old Manchester United fan shouted 'f*** off' and 'c***' several at the stadium in Skopje, Macedonia as he watched his side defeated by Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup final.

A witness said: "He repeated, 'F*** off you c***' and the F-word at least 40 times in the first half."

Olly reportely turned on his own friend during the game and another pal had to intervene.

They added: "Another man also told him to calm down but Olly kept telling him to f*** off and leave him alone."

"The man stayed really cool."

"I'm a fan of Olly Murs but he was hardly a celebrity ambassador for his club here."

Olly said about the incident: "I was away with a group of lads and got carried away."

Source: The Sun