There was more drama on EastEnders as Linda Carter slapped Mick in the face for seeing Whitney in secret.

In last night's episode of the BBC soap, fans saw another blow for the couple relationship as Mick broke the promise he made not to see his daughter-in-law.

Shocked viewers watched as Mick (Danny Dyer) visisted Whitney after finding out she was staying at Stacey's.

Mick offered Whitney an envelope filled with money, telling her it was redundancy money after she was sacked from the Queen Vic - she told him to keep his 'dirty money'.

When he got back to the pub and it turned out the cash had been taken out of the till.

Linda put two and two together and slapped her husband across the face in front of everyone.

Those watching at home enjoyed it, happy to see Mick finally get some comeuppance.

One viewer tweeted: "Did anyone else wanna slap mick after tonight's eastenders episode? I will cry if they split. Wtf is he doing? #EastEnders #sostressedrn."

Another commented: "#eastenders thank god, i was about to jump into my computer and slap mick myself."

While a third said: "Mick deserved that slap. #EastEnders."

Source: The Sun
Image Credit: BBC