An uncle has been hailed a hero after he used his body as a human shield to save the life of his young nephew.

24-year-old Jordan Reynolds was crossing the road with his nephew Ashton, 6, towards the Friars Walk shopping centre in Newport.

The young boy failed to see an oncoming car, but Jordan turned his body towards the vehicle and took the main impact and smashed into the windscreen.

His family said that Jordan's bravery saved his nephew from 'certain death' last Friday evening.

Ashton's father, Grant, said: 'My brother pushed him away so he hit the car first. All he can remember was he was going to cross and a car came from behind and hit him.'

'Doctors say Ashton may not have been here if it was him.'

Jordan suffered a fractured cheekbone, a broken arm, and a broken hip, while Ashton escaped with cuts and bruises to his face and knee.

The 24-year-old has been recovering at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, and his nephew has since returned home.

Ashton was reduced to tears after seeing his uncle's face in hospital following the incident.

Grant believes that with a temporary barrier between the crossing and the entrance to the car park, there is 'another accident waiting to happen'.

A Newport City Council spokeswoman said: 'A risk assessment is being carried out as standard.'