Jemma Lucy clashed with Paul Danan in the CBB house branding him a 'snaky rat' for making amends with Sarah Harding.

Paul exploded at Sarah after she claimed he took medication during a chat with Brandi Glanville, which he strongly denied.

He decided to make amends with the singer as the two chatted about their argument in the garden, with Sarah blaming Jemma for turning everyone against her for calling her 's**g' and a 'b***h'.

Sarah told Paul: "That whole reaction was complete and utter wrong."

"It got out of context and twisted. You should come to the source. Instead of Jemma jumping in.

"I feel that a certain person is trying to instigate things and make them worse."

However, the comment didn't sit well with Jemma, who tells Paul: "Your s**t goes on for hours and hours as well."

"You f**king slag her off every day and then hug her the next f**king minute."

"If I want to go on about something for hours, I f**king will."

Paul responds: "Listen, you ain't no bloke. You don't have to fight me, why are you? Don't shout at me, don't be threatening or shout at me."

Jemma snaps back: "Oh threatening? Here we go, pull another card."

"F**k off man, you're a little rat, you're a little snaky rat - all you do, I'll f**king shout at you if I want to. You're a little rat."

You can watch the video below.

Source: OK! Magazine
Image Credit: Channel 5