This actress was snapped getting intimate with a complete stranger in the back of a pick-up truck.

35-year-old actress Grazulli Massafera, from Brazil, was the soap star pictured in a very passionate embrace with a man.

Marcelo Belarmino, the photographer who took the pictures and uploaded them online, claimed he was just 'looking for birds' when he stumbled across the actress.

However, not all was as it seemed as the scene was actually staged for a TV show featuring Grazulli.

The photographer had actually zoomed in on the set of 'The Other Side of Paradise', which also stars Rafael Cardoso - the 'mystery man' who sent fans of the show into an absolute frenzy on social media.

Of course, her legions of fans were quick to comment on how 'beautiful and divine' she looked in the pictures.

The Brazilian beauty started out on the road to stardom when she took part in the 2004 Miss Brasil beauty pageant and finished in third place.

Grazulli is now a household name in the South American country through her roles in telenovela shows and her appearances on reality shows such as Big Brother Brazil.

Source: The Sun
Image Credit: CEN