A BMW driver was caught on camera racially abusing a traffic warden who ticketed him for parking on double yellow lines.

Mark Winstanley's car was parked illegally when he visited a local Sainbsury's and the bookies on Faulkner Street, Chester, back in March.

In the footage, filmed by the traffic warden's bodycam, he is heard calling him a 'black t**t' and a 'f***ing n****r'.

Winstanley has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service and was ordered to pay £100 in compensation to the warden.

The warden was about to place a parking ticket placed his vehicle which was parked on the yellow lines for six minutes while he 'went to Sainsbury's and the bookies'.

But Winstanley screamed at the warden, calling him a liar and threatening to 'f*** him up'.

He said: "So I'm allowed five minutes, I've been here for six minutes so you waited one minute. Well I'm off. Okay you black t**t."

"You're a f***ing dead man, I'm going to f*** you up, you n****r. I will be back round in a minute. You watch your f***ing self."

Winstanley wasn't content with his outburst and came back again to subject the warden to further insults.

He returned and said: "You f***ng liar, I weren't here for more than five minutes."

"You are a liar and a c**t and I'm going to appeal this anyway. F***ing n****r."

The abusive driver was tracked down by police and arrested.

Source: Metro.co.uk
Image Credit: Mercury Press