A little boy almost drowned when he was left in swim ring which flipped over and trapped him under water.

In the harrowing video, the toddler is seen struggling for air, kicking his legs frantically after being left alone in the swimming pool.

He was trapped upside for 72 seconds before staff realise what has happened and rush over to pull him out, his body going limp.

At the start of the clip, a female member of staff talks to the child who is happily floating in the pool.

Just moments after she leaves the room, the little boy flips over in the inflatable.

His legs are seen frantically kicking in the air as he continues to struggle.

The child becomes weaker and was lucky not to have lost his life.

His body is seen to go limp as he is pulled out of the pool and put on a table where staff resuscitate him.

The accident happened at the Leyou Baobei ('Happy Swimming Baby') swimming centre in Zhaoyuan City, eastern China.

Source: Mirror Online