A toddler almost lost his fingers after getting trapped in an escalator.

In the CCTV from a supermarket in in Tongren City's Jiangkou County, in China's Guizhou Province, a group of children are seen playing and jumping around on the escalator.

The two-year-old boy ends up getting his fingers jammed between the moving stairs.

He is then dragged all the way to the bottom of the escalator.

A woman - believed to be the boy's mother- eventually notices he is stuck and races down to the bottom of the steps.

She hits the emergency button to stop the machine just in time.

The fire service arrived on the scene and cut away the escalator surrounding the boy's hand.

He was freed after 15 minutes and taken to hospital.

The boy did not suffer severe injuries, according to reports.

Source: The Sun
Image Credit: AsiaWire