This guy who looks EXACTLY like Lionel Messi almost received a prison sentence because cops couldn't tell them apart.

We see a lot of these 'lookalikes' being circulated online, but this one is the best we've seen yet - because he actually looks more like Lionel Messi than Lionel Messi himself.

The BBC reports that Reza Parastesh, a student from Iran, was taken to the station by police who 'panicked for his welfare' and almost arrested him for disrupting public order.

He also had his car impounded, so he couldn't cause more chaos and to clear the roads from all the traffic building up to stop and take a selfie with the him.

Reza first realised there was a serious resemblance between the two when his father got him to pose in a number 10 Barcelona shirt.

They sent the pictures to a football site who then wanted to meet him for a chat.

The 25-year-old said: "I sent them one night and by the morning they had called me and said I should come in quickly for an interview."

It wasn't long before Reza was embracing his resemblace to the Argentine superstar, getting the same hair and wearing a Barcelona shirt when he went out.

Reza explained: "Now people really see me as the Iranian Messi and want me to mimic everything he does. When I show up somewhere, people are really shocked."

Thanks to his impersonations of the footballer, he has bee offered modelling contracts and his diary is filled with bookings.

He explained how the Iranians love football and how he's stopped and asked for a photo constantly - and he's even touching up on his footie skills.

Reza said: "I'm really happy that seeing me makes them happy and this happiness gives me a lot of energy."

His father even blamed his son 'Messi' for scoring against Iran in the last World Cup.

He added: "After the game, my dad called me and said: 'Don't come back home tonight - why did you score a goal against Iran?' I said 'But that wasn't me!'"

Reza has been very successful with his lookalike life so far and wants to help relieve Messi from some of his personal appearances.

He confessed: "Being the best player in footballing history, he definitely has more work than he can handle. I could be his representative when he is too busy."

Source: UNILAD
Image Credit: Getty