A dog was left with shocking injuries sustained after being allegedly manhandled by staff at an airport.

The Golden Retriever suffered the injuries after reportedly escaping from its cage.

It is believed that airport staff then used 'excessive force' on the animal.

The dog's 23-year-old owner said his pet had severe injuries to his eyes and body when staff handed him over to him at Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, China.

Er Mao is said to have bolted across the tarmac after being place in a cage in the cargo hold of the China Eastern Airlines flight MU 2544 from Shanghai.

The flight was delayed and eight members of staff spent more than 40 minutes chasing and restraining the dog before putting it back in its cage, according to a statement by the airport.

The owner waited over an hour to get his dog when the flight landed in Wuhan, where he was then informed that Er Mao managed to escape from the cargo hold.

Staff reacted to the 'emergency situation' in order to avoid damage and injuries to items and passengers said the airport, apologising to the owner for what happened.

The owner is demanding a better explanation and may seek damages from the airport and the airline as his pet is still receiving emergency treatment at an animal hospital.

There is currently an investigation to determine who is to blame for the dog's escape and injuries.

Source: Metro.co.uk
Image Credit: AsiaWire